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Bad Bertrich
Germany's only Glauber's Salt Spa

This traditional and yet modern spa city is characterized by its progressive, medical and at the same time beneficial therapy options. Bad Bertrich is one of the ‘Vitaparc’ approved spas and health resorts in Rhineland-Palatinate that offer a wide range of packages specially designed to give your body and soul a treat. Germany's only 32°C naturally warm Glauber's salts thermae bubbles here, having the effect of a genuine youth fountain. You can submerge into Bad Bertrich's hot springs and enjoy pure well-being.

1. Location of Bad Bertich in Germany

The town of Bad Bertrich is located in-between the Moselle-Saar holiday region and Eifel holiday region, approximately 54 km to the northwest of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Moselle-Saar is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. Of the Rhine's tributaries, the Moselle is considered the loveliest. Idyllic wine villages perched on steep, vine-clad slopes, and romantic little towns with a medieval feel, such as Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, lend the Moselle valley its unique character. Trier, over 2,000 years old, is the oldest town in Germany and its stone relics dating back to Roman times have now been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Come and discover for yourself the jovial hospitality of local Moselle people — and don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious glass of that famous local Riesling. ... read more about the Moselle-Saar holiday region

The Eifel is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. The blue of the maars — or water-filled volcanic craters — and the bright yellow of the gorse in summer are hallmarks of the Eifel massif. This paradise for walkers and cyclists is centred between Trier, Koblenz, Cologne and Aachen. The Eifel has more than 100 mineral springs that offer an impressive insight into its volcanic past, and there are fascinating 'geo routes' and volcano safaris on which to actively explore this holiday region. ... read more about the Eifel holiday region

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2. History of the Spa and Health Resort

A magnificent Roman bathing temple was built here by Emperors Valentinian and Gratian around AD 360 to make use of the special Glauber’s salt water. The town was already called Bertriacum at the time.

Kurfürstliche Schlösschen
Kurfürstliche Schlösschen

Famous men and women have loved and shaped Bad Bertrich. It has always attracted aesthetes who found inspiration, recuperation and convalescence in the healing thermal water. Between 1785 and 1787, the art-conscious Prince Clemens Wenzeslaus of Trier had the ‘Kurfürstliche Schlößchen’ built as a summer and hunting residence. Here, at his favourite domicile, he had extensive resort facilities set up. Naturalist and philosopher, Alexander von Humboldt, called Bad Bertrich ‘the gentle Karlsbad’ after conducting a comparative water analysis of the Glauber’s salt springs in 1845. Bad Bertrich was awarded a prize and certificate for its brochure at the world exhibition in Chicago in 1893. Prince Wilhelm of Prussia visited Bad Bertrich in 1819; in 1849, Dr. Hoffmann, the father of ‘Struwwel-Peter’ stopped by Bad Bertrich and named it his miniature spa. The well-known writer, Clara Viebig, composed some of her greatest works in the inspirational atmosphere of the resort town between 1902 and 1930.

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3. Picturesque Surroundings for Peace and Quiet

View on Bad Bertrich from the ‘Clemens Wenzeslaus Höhe’
View on Bad Bertrich from the ‘Clemens Wenzeslaus Höhe’

You will find genuine natural experiences in Bad Bertrich and its surrounding area. Mysteriously scented forests and deep, dark Eifel maars (craters lakes), or magnificent floral displays in Bad Bertrich’s picturesque resort garden.

Walk through the shady paths of the resort park and enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and the warmth of the sun on one of the numerous benches while you follow a good game of outdoor chess in the Römerkessel nature park.

Elfengrotte (Elf Grotto)

Over 10,000 years ago two streams of lava left behind breathtaking rock landscapes in Bad Bertrich. One flowed in the Ueß-Valley downwards into the valley below Bad Bertrich, the other flowed up the valley entering into the Elbes-Valley. The volcanoes of Bad Bertrich/Kennfus form the south-eastern part of the western Eifel volcano field.

Fire, water and Glauber’s salts nowadays mark the pristine nature landscape in the romantic Ueßbach-Valley. On secret ways and paths, framed by many volcanic crater lakes you can reach impressive proof of volcanism, for example among other things the massive lava rocks the so-called Badger Holes, the volcano Falkenlay and the Elf Grotto (Cheese Grotto).

View on Bullay at the Moselle River
View on Bullay at the Moselle River

Rare animals and plants, as well as unique views of the region, can be experienced on over 70 km of hiking trails which you can also discover on guided hikes. An example of these views is the panoramic view of the Falkenlay, where you look out over Kennfus in the north with the Eifel Mountains in the backdrop, the Erdenbach valley in the east, the Kondelwald forest in the south, and the beautiful Üßbach valley in the south-west. But you should always look closer during these excursions, because it’s still possible to discover traces of the fiery youth of the Eifel region in many areas. The Römerkessel in Bad Bertrich is the ideal starting place for amateur geologists because here, at the furthest edge of the West Eifel volcano field, is where the georoute begins. It follows the oldest lava stream to its source and provides a lot of information on the geology of the region along the way.

Bikes are ideal for other excursions. It’s not just the maars which draw the crowds with their cool waters, but the 2000-year-old vineyard landscape also awaits explorers along the Moselle. Amazing new views open up at almost every turn on the well-developed bike trails.

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4. Glauber's Salt Spa

Glauber’s salt water drinking treatment
Glauber's Salt
Water Drinking Treatment

The thermal mineral healing water at Bad Bertrich, the ‘mountain source’, is a natural 32°C and bubbles out over 2,000 m high deep from within the earth. The spa water has matured in nature for some 24,000 years and is has been used by humans for 2,000 years.

2,470 mg of minerals per litre are dissolved in the Bad Bertrich spa water, much more than the required minimum value for mineral springs. Together with the natural discharge temperature of 32°C, the Bad Bertrich spa water becomes the Glauber’s salt spa. Johann Rudolf Glauber, the chemist and pharmacist born in Karlstadt in 1604, defined this unusual mineral salt so precisely that it is still named after him today as Glauber’s salt. Its scientific name is ‘Sodium sulphate’.

Thermal Bath Bad Bertrich
Thermal Bath Bad Bertrich
(Glauber's Salt Spa)

The Bad Bertrich Glauber’s salt spa makes its way to the surface from the depths of the earth, gradually enriching itself with special minerals and micro-elements. After this journey, lasting thousands of years, it finally sees daylight in Bad Bertrich and can display its gathered healing strength here. Even today, the natural source flow is not increased by pumps. 123 litres per minute reliably supply both thermal spas and drinking fountains with fresh Glauber’s salt thermal water, whose healing effect is well known. Bathers in the natural 32°C thermal water notice positive healing of muscles, skin and bones. Gentle inner cleansing prompts the Glauber’s salt water drinking treatment. Apart from the applications in and with the spa water, there are also numerous other possibilities to recover strength and health, for example with a comfortingly warming original Eifel fango pack or the various massage and relaxation exercise options.

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5. Wellness & Health Resort

Thermal Bath — Glauber's Salt Spa
Thermal Bath — Glauber's Salt Spa

At Bad Bertrich — one of the 20 approved ‘Vitaparc’ spas and health resorts in Rhineland-Palatinate — you will find a wide range of packages specially designed to give your body and soul a treat. Here you will find services and facilities organised in the categories

  • Select (exclusive and beauty holiday),
  • Wellness (wellness, relaxation and health),
  • Sporting (fitness and activity) and
  • Explorer (special experiences for getting to know the region).

All bearing the German Spa Association's seal of approval, which means you can be confident that your wellness break will be of first-class quality, based on a sound holistic health concept and delivered by expert medical staff and therapists. For more information about exclusive wellness packages in Bad Bertrich, please click here.

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5.1 Wellness

Thermal Bath — Massage Jet
Thermal Bath — Massage Jet

Bad Bertrich is a very modern Health Centre that looks back on a long and successful tradition as a Health Spa. With its special mineral compositions it is appropriate for a wide variety of internal and external applications. Special emphasis is placed on Medical Wellness in Bad Bertrich, because the combination of medicine and wellness leads to even greater health effects than each of these components alone. In addition to this there is the high medical competency which is very valued in the traditional Health Spa. Applications to improve your health combine with utmost relaxation. Traditional health applications and wellness treatments from the Far East are join together with the latest in medical knowledge. This creates a unique environment where health is always prioritized. Specially trained personnel and optimally furnished rooms guarantee the highest level of regeneration and relaxation.

The secret source of energy in Bad Bertrich is the thermal spa supplied by Germany’s only Glauber’s salt spring with a natural heat of 32°C. Comforting warmth awaits you in the thermal bath, which covers 400 square metres of water areas, indoor and outdoor pools, spas, floor bubblers, massage jets, solariums and sauna. Warmth which has a precautionary effect, which soothes, heals and simply creates good moods. In short, a genuine source of energy providing vitality and a zest for life, regardless of your everyday stresses. The spa is guaranteed to restore you to top form at a low cost. A diverse daily programme, e.g. the relaxation day for 59.00 € with full body brush and massage, vital salad plates, thermal bathing with sauna, sun bathing and aqua gymnastics. Also on offer is the intensive relaxation day for 95.00 € with a natural Eifel pack, foot reflex zone massages, thermal bathing and aqua gymnastics, vital salad plate, full body brushing and massage.

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5.2 Wellness Hotels

Whether for vacation, wellness, health retreat or rehabilitation, Bad Bertrich’s hosts extend a big warm welcome to you. From luxury hotels to a cosy pension, from a highly-specialised clinic to a comfortably appointed holiday apartment, you will find suitable accommodation here. The Wellness Hotels of Bad Bertrich care passionately about the health of your body, your mind and your soul. If you are looking for a refreshing break during which you can breathe deeply and really relax, the 3-star to 5-star Wellness Hotels in Bad Bertrich offer packages designed to help you find inner peace and revitalise your body. Here you will find unique facilities that are a feast for your eyes which will delight your senses. The hotels Wellnes Oasis's and Beauty Farms offer a diverse programme from Vinotherapy, Red Wine Baths, Ayuverda, Chi-Yang, Rasul, Sauna, Baths and much more.

The high standards the health resort sets itself are also reflected in the gastronomy. Apart from outstanding regional specialities, food is of course also prepared according to various dietary requirements. Many establishments prepare their dishes with fresh organic ingredients and regional produce.

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5.3 Health Retreats & Medical Rehabilitation Clinics

In Bad Bertrich, you will work with trained specialists who ensure you are restored to your old self, or find new form, with lots of fun. There are many different types of health resort stays. The costs depend on the type of retreat, and you should get the specific information from your general practitioner or health insurance fund in order to select the most appropriate version for you.

The ambulant precautionary and rehabilitation retreat: You can choose your retreat location with your doctor, and can also select the accommodation yourself. The on-site spa doctor then prescribes the relevant applications, which you receive in the retreat centres. Accommodation and treatment expenses are borne by you, however, it is usually subsidised by health insurance companies.

The compact retreat: This is a special type of ambulant precautionary and rehabilitation retreat. It is recommended when it revolves around a particular illness group and a higher degree of therapy is necessary to achieve the treatment goal. In Bad Bertrich, compact retreats are offered to patients with degenerative spinal column disorders and chronic dorsopathy, obesity and arthrosis and chronic polyarthritis.

Stationary precautionary and rehabilitation measures: If ambulant rehabilitation measures are not enough, your relevant sponsor will authorise a stationary rehab therapy. If this is the case, accommodation and care will take place in the rehab clinic along with the necessary treatments. The health insurance fund bears most of the costs.

Subsequent healing treatment, subsequent rehabilitation: These measures generally take place directly after a hospital stay, but definitely no later than 14 days after. The hospital is responsible for application at an authorised clinic, after consulting the health insurance fund.

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5.4 Vulkaneifel Therme Spa

Vulkaneifel Therme Spa
Vulkaneifel Therme Spa

There are places where the day-to-day routine simply fades away! The new Vulkaneifel Therme spa is just this sort of place, where you can look forward to a wellness experience above and beyond the norm offering more space and well-being. Spread over two floors, the wood, glass and stone architecture houses a new dimension in adventure and good health. The facility features ample room for soothing relaxation and plenty of bathing fun in the healing thermal waters, with a variety of water surfaces both inside and out, a quiet room and restaurant services. 32° Celsius thermal water feeds the Vulkaneifel Therme spa. The water rises from a depth of over 2,000 meters up to the sunlight with a bounty of warmth and minerals that make Vulkaneifel Germany’s only Glauber’s salt spa. The water, a volcanic gift of nature with its 32° C natural temperature, is one of the best treatments available for passive and active exercise therapy and features healing powers that were already appreciated by the Romans in their time.

The spacious sauna area features an additional outside area and a volcanic theme. Each sauna has an individual character such as the Volcano Sauna, Lava Light Sauna, Vulcanus Forge, Slate Sauna and the Rasul Steam Bath, with each one offering a truly unique experience. There are quiet rooms and a fireplace lounge for relaxation.

Relaxation in the wellness facilitiesThis modern health centre’s vitality facility offers wellness treatments to fulfil your every wish. Enjoy a range of treatments ranging from classic applications to Far Eastern healing techniques, from massages to body packs, alone or as a couple! Treat yourself to a break and load up new energy! After all, where can you relax and revitalise yourself better than in a welcoming atmosphere full of warmth and peace?

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6. Excursions & Day Trips

Bad Bertrich is deeply hidden and nestled in the 200-metre-deep Üßbach valley, but this doesn’t make it an isolated town. It is worth going on excursions into the region, because the long cultural history is clearly visible here between the Eifel and the Moselle, and invites you to get to know it. Trier, Germany’s oldest city, Koblenz, — the only cities on the Rhine and Mosel —, and Luxembourg is not far away, making daytrips to these cultural places well worthwhile. Motor sports enthusiasts can take a tour of the Nürburgring track, or you can go fishing, golfing, horse riding or hiking — nothing is too far away from this magnificent health resort.

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7. Cultural Programme

Resort Garden Bad Bertrich
Resort Garden Bad Bertrich

The cultural programme in Bad Bertrich is diverse: there are concerts, from classical to folklore to jazz, balls, theatre, cabarets and musicals. Numerous festivals take place over the year, e.g. the international piano summer, the Bad Bertrich literature days, the Eifel culture days, the retreat park festival and the romantic advent market. The Casino Night is an extra special event with a hint of Las Vegas in Bad Bertrich.

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8. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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9. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

9.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Bad Bertrich
(54 km distance / 57 minute driving time) » get directions

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9.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Bad Bertrich. However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Bad Bertrich

From Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Bad Bertrich is also a taxi and charter-bus service available.

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Bad Bertrich Logo

Tourist Office Address

Touristik-Agentur Bad Bertrich GmbH
Kurfürstenstrasse 32
56864 Bad Bertrich

Tel.: +49 (0) 26 74 - 93 22 22
Fax: +49 (0) 26 74 - 93 22 25