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Home of the Bitburger Pils Brewery

Numerous castles, Roman ruins, monasteries and museums await your visit. Walk through green, lush forests, bicycle along or canoe in crystal clear rivers or visit one of the unusual, volcanic crater lakes. And last but not least — take a tour of the Bitburger Pils Brewery.

1. Location of Bitburg in Germany

Bitburg and the Speicher Region is located in the Eifel, approximately 86 km to the west of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Eifel is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. The blue of the maars — or water-filled volcanic craters — and the bright yellow of the gorse in summer are hallmarks of the Eifel massif. This paradise for walkers and cyclists is centred between Trier, Koblenz, Cologne and Aachen. The Eifel has more than 100 mineral springs that offer an impressive insight into its volcanic past, and there are fascinating 'geo routes' and volcano safaris on which to actively explore this holiday region. ... read more about the Eifel holiday region

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2. Points of Interest

Haus Beda Arts and Cultural Centre
The Haus Beda, is a cultural centre with a mixture of arts, education, entertainment and a museum. The centre hosts a wide range of local, national and international artists to perform a diverse and varied range of performances and events to the public.
Bitburg County Museum
What was life like in the Eifel 100, 200 or even 2000 years ago? How did the people in the Eifel live, work, or play? What motivated or stimulated the Eifelers? The Bitburg County Museum depicts the history of the region, reminds us of the people that once lived here and presents us with treasures of the past.
Bitburg Archaeological Footsteps
Experience history and walk in the footsteps of the Romans who established a legionnaire camp near the settlement of the Bedas 2,000 years ago. The archaeological walk offers visitors insight into the once Roman Fortress.
Bitburger Bierbrunnen
Located in front of the brewery and next to the restaurant, Simonbraeu, is the Bitburger Beer-fountain.
De Beberijer Gaeessestrepper
The 'Gaeessestrepper' refers to an old town legend. Ever since, Bitburg has been called in the local dialect as Beberijer Gaessestrepper, more or less 'the wearers of goatskins'.
The bronze statue on the 'Pferdemarkt', the Horse Market, was designed by one of Bitburg’s own sculptors, Roger Delleré. The figure is to remind us of an era when horse and cattle markets were a daily occurrence and contributed largely to the town’s economic development.
Statue of Treverer Horses
Situated in front of Bitburg’s County Hall is a bronze statue of Treverer Horses to honour Bitburg’s Celtic past. When Julius Caesar came along with his fellow Romans in 50BC, he noted that the Treverie, a Celtic tribe, bred the finest horses in the region and had excellent cavalry skills.
Tower of Bells
The Bitburg Tower of Bells was donated by Bitburg’s Trade Union. At five after the hour, the bells play a German Folk Song. The doors then open up and depict figures of the local tradesmen and their crafts.
Barockschlösschen Waisenhaus
During the middle ages, this was the site of a water-moated castle which was destroyed in the eighteenth century by French troops. Reconstructed in 1750 to its present Baroque style, it housed various schools in the last century as well as an orphanage that was run by Catholic nuns. Behind the school is a park that invites one for a leisure stroll.
Liebfrauenkirche – The Church of Our Lady
At the highest point in Bitburg, next to the City Hall, is Liebfrauenkirche - The Church of Our Lady. Hidden in her walls, are remains of various architectural periods. A reproduction of the Luxembourger Madonna adorns the High Altar.
Ehrenfriedhof Kolmeshöhe
The Ehrenfriedhof in Bitburg is a commemorative cemetery for soldiers who died in both World Wars.
Speicher Museum
Next to a collection of Speicher Stoneware, the museum holds an exhibit of local history and rural life. Noteworthy is the collection of poetic arts and literature from regional artists and poets.
Roman Villa Otrang
Villa Otrang is located five kilometres north of Bitburg, on the ancient Roman Legion Route that went from the Imperial Residential City, Trier all the way to 'Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium', what is known as present day Koeln. It is the best preserved Roman country seat north of the Alps. It was an impressively large homestead and contained 66 rooms.
Dudeldorf Castle
The present day Dudeldorf Castle is a two wing Manor House dating back from the eighteenth century with a threestorey tower on the south-west side. The castle offers high-quality cultural venues. Theatre, concerts and exhibits take place not only indoors but outdoors as well. A particular highlight is the annual open-air cinema, which takes place in the castle courtyard. During the summer months, the castle gardens are open to the public. A small café (open only on Sundays) invites one to stay and linger a while.

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3. Beer & Schnapps Tasting

3.1 Bitburger Pils Brewery

Who is not familiar with the logo ‘Bitte, ein Bit’. Founded in 1817, Bitburger Pils is one of the leading Premium Breweries in Germany. Recognised all over, it is one of the largest privately owned breweries both domestically and internationally. In their seventh generation, tradition with modern management accounts for their global success.

‘Only the best’, this is the Bitburger Pils’ philosophy. Hence, only the finest aromatic hops, purest Eifel spring waters, premium barley malts and yeast from their own pure culture sources are used for production according to the German Purity Laws. Often acting out as a pioneer, Bitburger is innovative in their brewing process. Bitburger has an output of more than 4,3 million hectolitres yearly. No other beer in Germany is drafted and served as much as Bitburger.

Guided tours begin at the historical site of the brewery from Mondays through Thursdays by appointment only. Nearly 40,000 guests are welcomed here annually. The tour begins at the Visitors’ Centre and ends at the brewery manufacturing plant where each of the processing steps are explained. The tour ends with a ‘Bitte ein Bit!’ and a sample of a fresh tapped Bitburger.

3.2 Schnapps — Eifel Premium Brand

For schnapps connoisseurs, the Eifel Premium Brand is considered to be the finest. Schnapps tasting is available at various localities in the southern Eifel making it a unique experience. The tradition of distillery is still being cultivated in the Eifel. The common goal of the cooperative organisation founded in 1991, is to introduce high quality schnapps to the market under the name of 'Der Eifel'. Eleven unique flavours such as the regional Nelches Birne (Nelches Pear) to exclusive Schlehen (sloe) are now available for gastronomies and the general public. Schnapps tasting can be booked through Bitburg Tourist Information.

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4. Nature Camps, Rambling & Cycling

4.1 Eifel Nature Camps

Eifel Nature Camps is an outdoor adventure and environmental education focussing on the natural world. Between April and October, Eifel Nature Camp’s team is ready and highly motivated to provide you with days full of adventure and fun. The programme for this year was further developed and designed to fulfil one’s personal needs. The camp’s motto 'Experience Nature Hands-On' hits the spot with schools, kindergartens, organisations, family, friends and firms. Kayak tours, survival training, rock climbing, abseiling, rambling, cycle tours are, just to name few, happenings that the camp has to offer. The team wishes to convey that nature education should be a part of daily life, rather than an sporadic event.

4.2 Cyclist's Heaven alongside the 'Five Valley Ventures'

For the young and old alike, the German-Luxembourg Five Valley Ventures offers cycling activities for the leisure or the seriously sports-minded enthusiasists. Cycle routes ranging from easy to challenging. The rivers of the Nims, Sauer, Pruem, Kyll and Mosel offers fabulous fun for cyclists. Next to the beer town Bitburg, Germany’s oldest city Trier with its historical Roman monuments, the cycle routes combines stunning scenery with history and splendour. Part of the route also takes place on the Luxembourg side of the Sauer River allowing a quick stop to charming town of Echternach. The Kyll Valley Cycle Route This 130 kilometre trail covers the stretch from the idyllic medieval walled village of Kronenburg and continues on through to the circular-walled city of Ehrang on the Moselle River. Running alongside the Kyll River and the rail tracks, the route runs throught he most splendid valleys of the Eifel. It networks with the Nims River Valley as well as the Moselle Cycle Route.

4.3 Nims Valley Cycle Route

The Nims Valley runs on the length of former rail tracks that ran from Bitburg to Luxembourg. Being that this route is asphalted and level, it is particularly suited for beginners and families with younger children. Stop in Irrel and visit The West Wall War Museum. Once on the Sauer River Cycle Route, one can easily connect to the Moselle and on to the Kyll Valley Cycle Trail. Along the Nims route one will find eight sculptures made of Eifel limestone. Whether you have only a day or perhaps a week to explore the Eifel by bike, we have a choice of routes and packages available for your descretion.. These packages offer you the chance to take in the scenery, enjoy the fresh Eifel country air, and also to visit places of historical interest. Our main routes offer the chance to visit ancient geological rock formations, volcanic crater lakes, castles, historic buildings or the marshy terrains of the High Fens. Let us work out the details and all you have to do is pedal. Contact Bitburg Tourist-Information.

4.4 Brecht's Natural Water Trail

A two kilometre long trail teaches us how essential it is for us take care of our waters and also gives us basic information about the functions and the correlation of our ecosystem. Distributed throughout the picturesque forest path are twelve information shields. The information is based on actual fieldwork that took place in Brecht.

4.5 Königwaeldchen — The King's Forest

Located north of Bitburg on the L32, discover the sights, the smells, and the sounds of the woods on a three kilometre trail through the 'King's Forest'. Eleven interactive stations are offered to increase our environmental consciousness through hands on encounters and to raise our knowledge of our forests.

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5. Eifel Park Gondorf

This 750,000-square metre park is located less than a 10-minute drive from Bitburg. The Eifel Park boasts a wide collection of game, animals and birds situated in a charming setting. Daily events include birds of prey displays. Have we gotten you interested yet? Then off to Eifel Park! The park is open daily from April-October from 9:30-17:00. Outside the main season, only the game park is open.

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6. Recreational Tips from A-Z

Campground — Oberweis Leisure Centre
'Oberweis' four-star campground is set in the Pruem River Valley. The property contains a modern and attractive sports fields, various children‘s programmes and the restaurant the 'Koehler Stueben'.
Cascade Adventure Pool
The Cascade indoor/outdoor swimming pool and its saunas are one of a kind in Bitburg and the surrounding area. Lots of excitement and fun awaits you at the ‘Adventure’ area with various slides, cascades, whirlpools, a wave and current pool. Cascade’s wellness line-up includes six different types of saunas, a Turkish steam-room, foot care, hydro jets, sun-beds and a large palette of massages to relax and/or regenerate you.
Country Art at Eschbachhof in Baustert
Scenically located, the 'Eschbachhof' in Baustert near Bitburg offers a fine selection of country art, carefully restored antique furniture, handmade flower arrangements and wreathes, Bauernmalerie (tole painting) and much more. Decorated according to the season, the house has an exhibit area of more than 250 square metres. A Christmas exhibit can be seen throughout the year in the former stables.
Go-Karting at Bitburg Flugplatz
No doubt about it, go-karting is loads of fun! Particularly here in Bitburg, because there’s not just one, but TWO circuits! The 'Kart-O-Drom' has an indoor as well as an outdoor circuit and go-karting has become one of Bitburg’s favourite leisure activities. A further outdoor circuit, the 'Motorpark', is considered to be one of the most modern in Germany. Its tracks are more than six metres wide and one’s speed is continuously timed. Both circuits are located at the former Bitburg Air Base and ample parking is available at both facilities.
Golf Courses and Golf Resort
In the midst of the captivating countryside, the Bitburg district has developed itself into an independent golf region with three golf resorts under its belt. The largest amongst the three is the 'Golf Resort Bitburger Land' in Wissmansdorf near Stausee. Often mentioned in major golfing publications, this highly acclaimed 18 hole Par 72 golf course is considered to be amongst one of Germany’s best courses. It is also home to major golf tournaments. The second golf course is located in Baustert. The ninehole, Par 68 golf course, with its modern Golfodrom (golf training centre) offers golfers ideal conditions in a stunning scenic setting. Equally attractive is the Lietzenhof Golf Course in Burbach with its 18-hole – Par 70, SSS 70, with more than enough room to 'Touch Down, Tee Off'.
Knight's Feasts at Rittersdorf's Castle
Dating back to 1263, this moated- castle, known by the locals as 'Burg Rittersdorf', has been practically preserved in its original state. It conveys an impressive image of late medieval/early Renaissance architecture, hence making it a prime example of the Eifel’s cultural heritage. The elaborate archway is particularly remarkable. Located three kilometres north of Bitburg, the castle now accommodates a privately owned restaurant and a small museum of local history. The restaurant is well-known for its country cuisine and particularly for its historical 'Knights' Feasts'. The Knights' Feasts are held at regular intervals. After being greeted by the Castle Lord and his squires, guests are served by servants dressed in medieval attire, at the authentically set Knights’ table. Allow jugglers, minstrels, troupers and strolling players to entertain you while feasting. The feasts can also be booked for business and private venues. Of course you can enjoy the superb country cuisine and first-rate wines in the elegant ambiance of the restaurant.
Loads of Outdoor Fun with a 'Funti'
'A Funti' Adventure Agency and Ferdi’s Boathouse would like to welcome you to 'Stausee' in Biersdorf. What could be more fun then water, sun and the outdoors? At Biersdorf’s reservoir, locally known as 'Stausee', we at 'A Funti', offer the following activities for your active leisure and pleasure: rowing, paddle-boating, mountain-bike hire as well as inline-skating hire, various 'climbing' activities, guided hiking tours, beach volley-ball, fishing and much, much more… Enjoy the spectacular view of the lake whilst relaxing on our terrace. Ice cream, refreshments and small snacks to curb your hunger can be purchased at 'Ferdi’s Boat- House'.
Pottery Museum & Workshop
The Pottery Museum can be found at the PLEWA-Werke GmbH. On display are 2000 years of ceramic history with Roman, Medieval and modern stoneware. Watch the master potters bring their works into being. The traditional saltglazed Eifel ceramics are produced and sold here as well.
Relax at 'Stausee Bitburg'
Located in the picturesque Pruem Valley, Biersdorf’s reservoir, known locally as 'Stausee', is the holiday oasis of the southern Eifel. The 35 hectare lake allows one to take part in the many leisure activities such as fishing, rowing, walking, wind-surfing and paddle-boating. The five kilometre long walking paths that surround the lake are also illuminated at night and invite one for a tranquil stroll. During the first weekend of August, Stausee’s annual festival with fireworks takes place. Cafés, pubs and restaurants can be found in the vicinity.
Up, Up and Away! Hot Air Balloons across the Eifel
Feel your spirits soar as you majestically ascend into the air in this dazzling flying event. Experience endless liberty at dizzying heights as you drift through the various Eifel landscapes. The flight in a hot air balloon is without a doubt, a mesmerizing adventure. Direction and velocity are guided only by the wind. Images and impressions from a bird’s eye of view will remain etched in your mind as you silently glide over the Eifel. It is nothing short of seventh heaven for photography buffs. If this is your first balloon flight, your maiden voyage is punctuated by a 'christening' and a certificate reminding you of your premiere. Launching time, in good weather, is in the early morning hours or late afternoon when the wind is at its calmest. Flight time is about an hour to an hour and a half. A bit of advice: Bring loads of film.

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7. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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8. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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9. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

9.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Bitburg
( 86 km distance / 1:13 hours driving time) » get directions

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9.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Bitburg. However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Bitburg

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