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Wine Village with true Moselle Flair

Kröv is an important wine-growing community on the Moselle River. The popular Kröver wine, the ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’, has made the village known far beyond the German borders. Kröv not only has excellent wines, but also many other attractions in store. One of the absulte hightlights in the year is the ‘Internationales Trachtentreffen’ folklore and costume festival. For years, Kröv has been one of the most popular holiday destinations along the Moselle. Since the village has retained its natural landscape formed by the cultivation of wine, one can experience true Moselle flair here.

1. Location of Kröv in Germany

The town of Kröv is located in the Moselle-Saar holiday region, approximately 26 km to the northwest of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Moselle-Saar is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. Of the Rhine's tributaries, the Moselle is considered the loveliest. Idyllic wine villages perched on steep, vine-clad slopes, and romantic little towns with a medieval feel, such as Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, lend the Moselle valley its unique character. Trier, over 2,000 years old, is the oldest town in Germany and its stone relics dating back to Roman times have now been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Come and discover for yourself the jovial hospitality of local Moselle people — and don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious glass of that famous local Riesling. ... read more about the Moselle-Saar holiday region

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2. Hospitable Wine Village

Kröv is a hospitable wine-growing village located in that part of the Moselle course with the most bends in the river, surrounded by slopes covered in vines. The ancient Romans were very taken with this pretty corner of the Earth. They brought the art of viniculture with them, which has moulded the village and countryside to the present day. The numerous old wine-estates, the former convents and half-timbered houses are evidence of the centuries-old viniculture, as are numerous finds from Roman times, still visible today.

Kröv is among the best-known wine-growing villages in Germany. The popular Kröver wine, the ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’, has made the village known far beyond the German borders. The home of fine wines also temps you with fine food. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and wine-growers number among the specialists in their trade and look forward to pampering you with typical specialities from the Moselle. In the evenings, the seasonal ‘Straußwirtschaften’ (seasonal wine room) and rustic wine-bars invite you to a merry tour of the wine cellars.

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3. Points of Interest

If local history interests you, then going on a treasure hunt in Kröv is the thing to do. Among the many historical sights, one stands out more than any — the ‘Dreigiebelhaus’ (Three-gabled house), one of the finest half-timbered houses on the Moselle.

Kröver Rathaus (City Hall)
At the house end of the City Hall, the ‘Cröver Reiches’ district is depicted in a sgrafitto by the Kröv-based sculptor, August Lebenstedt.
Karolingerhof (Courtyard of the Earls of Kesselstatt)
The house of a castle remained standing until the end of the 18th Century. The current farmhouse was built between 1786 – 87.
The Europabrunnen (Europe Fountain) is a work by the artist, August Lebenstedt, who died in 1996. It was completed in 1974 and depicts Europe with a bull.
Jesuitenhof (Robert-Schuman-Str. 163)
This house was built in the 18th Century as a farm for the Jesuits from Trier. A family altar remains today in the interior of the building.
Staffelter Hof (Robert-Schuman-Str. 208)
Staffelter Hof was the winery of the Stablo Monastery (Stavelot) in what is today Belgium. Today’s courtyard facility, built in 1715, stands on the site of a former Roman settlement and is already certified as a Franconian ‘Mansus’.
Dreigiebelhaus (Moselweinstrasse/Corner of Karolingerstrasse)
The ‘Dreigiebelhaus’ is one of the Mosel region’s most notable timbered houses. Of particular note are the carvings in the framework of the Dreigiebelhaus.
Castle of the Knights of Kröv
This is a moated castle, completely surrounded by its moat. The ‘old castle’ from 1623 is preserved, as well as the dungeon.
The ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’ Weinbrunnenhalle (wine fountain hall) is the location for special events in the Mosel’s central district. Regardless of whether the occasion is a concert, disco, special event, assembly or private celebration, this hall provides the ideal setting for events for from 20 – 1,500 persons.
Echternacher Hof (Moselweinstr. 24)
The Echternacher Hof is a Baroque, three-winged facility, formerly representing the tithe collecting location and farmyard of the Echternach Imperial Abbey. The Abbot’s coat of arms and a portrait of the master builder are located in the triangular area of the house end.
The Kaisers Hof (Rob.-Schuman-Str. 12)
The Emperor’s Court was erected on a former Roman courtyard facility.
The Kesselstatt Cemetery Chapel was built from 1726/1729. Headstones from the Knights of Cröv were relocated here from the church. The Cemetery Chapel today remains the proprietary possession of the Imperial Earls of Kesselstatt.
Court of the Gray Sisters of Trier (Robert-Schuman-Str. 16)
Contrary to most of the royal and monastic wineries in Kröv, this house is built in typical Mosel framework style above a massive cellar.
St. Remigius Church
The Echternach Abbey had this church built in the Baroque style according to the plans of Ravensteyn, the diocese master builder. The church is adorned with the sign, ‘Kulturerbe der Menscheit’ (‘Heritage Site for Humanity’).
Pfarrhof (Pastor’s House)
This facility has been in use as a pastor’s residence without interruption since 1504. In the cellar, wall ruins and brick findings serve as a reference to a former Roman courtyard location.
Springiersbacher Hof (Robert-Schuman-Str. 44)
Springiersbacher Hof was already noted in 1193 with a chapel, vineyards, and acreage by Kaiser Heinrich VI in an official document.
Steinfelder Hof (Rob.-Schuman-Str. 56)
The Steinfelder Hof was the winery of the Steinfeld Monastery in the northern Eifel region, featuring a large vineyard facility in Kröv. The current house was built in 1725. The elaborately carved gazebo is particularly notable.
Reichsschenke zum Ritter Götz (Robert-Schuman-Str. 57)
The ‘Reichsschenke zum Ritter Götz’ (‘Imperial Tavern of the Knight of Götz’), erected in 1685, was formerly the Bolcher Hof. The Reichsschenke’s special connection with Kröv is a result of the fact that the former innkeeper, ‘Jungle Dick’, made the ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’ vineyard very famous. The tavern is designated as the ‘Urschenke’, or ‘original tavern’ of Kröver Nacktarsch.

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4. Leisure Activities

Whether travelling alone or as a family, you can spend an active, healthy holiday in Kröv with plenty of sports opportunities. No matter whether on land, water or in the air — there are ideal sports facilities for everyone. A well–planned net of walks and cycle routes, a leisure centre with heated open-air pool, a ‘wild-water chute’ (76 m), mini-golf, open-air chess and many more attractions, an extensive excursions programme for coach and boat, as well as interesting weekly events such as walks along the wine-trail, wine-tastings with a tour of the cellar included, all contribute towards making your holiday one to be remembered.

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5. Excursions along the Moselle River

Due to its central location (in the heart of the Moselle countryside), Kröv is also an ideal starting point for day-trips to destinations in the surrounding area, such as Trier, Koblenz, the Hunsrück low mountain range or to the volcanic lakes in the Eifel. The ‘Moselweinstrasse’ (Moselle Wine Route) along the Moselle River takes you to many interesting wine villages located nearby Kröv.

A river boat cruise on the Moselle is a must. Travelling up or down river on the gentle waves, boat trips can be really relaxing. Travelling on the Moselle is always bound to be a very special experience. On the stretch of the Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, you will pass one attraction after another. Picturesque wine-growing villages with historical centres full of old half-timbered buildings. There are a number of individual tours to choose from. And when the sun goes down and the lights go on along the riverbanks, the pace starts to slow. You can enjoy delicious food and fine wine on board, while discovering a new and wonderful side of the river. The reflections of illuminated promenades add to the special romantic atmosphere. There are several companies offering pleasure cruises on the region's rivers — the perfect way to unwind and have fun!

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6. Events Finder

At the many festivals held in Kröv each year, guests can experience the typical past and present cultural life on the Moselle. The absolute highlight is the ‘Internatioinales Trachtenfest’ (international folklore and costume) festival. Folklore groups and visitors from all over the world make this event fascinating. It is one of the oldest and largest wine festivals at the Moselle. That's why it is considered an insider tip. Every year more and more visitors come to this unique festival, where people from different nations and cultures become acquainted with each other.

Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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7. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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8. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

8.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Kröv
(26 km distance / 33 minutes driving time) » get directions

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8.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Kröv. However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Kröv

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