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Fishing in the Kyllburger Waldeifel

Kyllburg and its district's name, Kyllburger Waldeifel, has its roots in the expansive forest areas that make up the majority of its landscape. Kyll Tributary, a quaint creek branching off from the Moselle River, runs through Kyllburger Waldeifel from north to south for 142 km, making it the Eifel's longest stream. These bountiful fishing waters meander along a deep river valley through beautiful landscapes that are perfect for extended hikes. As the heart of an ancient cultural axis between Trier, Germany's oldest city, the imperial palatinate of Aachen, Cologne and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, this distinctive holidaymaking region offers picturesque landscapes, history, culture and a broad spectrum of leisure activities.

1. Location of Kyllburg in Germany

The town of Kyllburg is located in the Eifel holiday region, approximately 78 km to the northwest of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Eifel is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. The blue of the maars — or water-filled volcanic craters — and the bright yellow of the gorse in summer are hallmarks of the Eifel massif. This paradise for walkers and cyclists is centred between Trier, Koblenz, Cologne and Aachen. The Eifel has more than 100 mineral springs that offer an impressive insight into its volcanic past, and there are fascinating ‘geo routes’ and volcano safaris on which to actively explore this holiday region. ... read more about the Eifel holiday region

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2. Kyllburger Waldeifel

The holiday district of Kyllburger Waldeifel is located on the southern slope of the Eifel (between 300 and 500 m above sea level). Close to France, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands, Kyllburger Waldeifel sits right in the heart of Europe. It is a popular vacationing region situated in a plush forest environment and offering numerous opportunities for free-time activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, bicycling, swimming and golf.

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3. Points of Interest

Stiftskirche Kyllburg
The Stiftskirche Kyllburg is a landmark of the city of Kyllburg and, together with the cloister and the 'Kapitelhaus', it forms a fully preserved Gothic monastery facility from the 13th Century. As the only church between Trier and Maria Laach, it features a very impressive cloister. The church's pride and joy are the choir's Renaissance windows.
Malberg Castle
The imposing Baroque Malberg Castle rests above the village of Malberg. It was expanded in 1708 by a Venetian architect into a castle in the Venetian Baroque style. This unique castle can be viewed and guided tours are on offer from April to October.
St. Thomas Monastery
The former St. Thomas Monastery presents itself today as a romantic monastery church with a Baroque monastery building. In addition to the church itself, its expansive gardens are also a joy to view.
Seinsfeld Moated Castle
This almost perfectly round structure from the 17th Century is built on the grounds of a medieval moated castle. The moat, which still surrounds the castle today, is approximately 6 meters deep and 17 meters wide. The castle is privately owned and can only be viewed from the outside.
St. Apollonia Church
St. Apollonia Church originates from the 13th Century, making it one of the oldest churches in the Kyllburger Waldeifel district. It has been lovingly restored in recent years and can be viewed.
Frohnert Chapel
The Frohnert Chapel is a replica of the Chapel of Christ's Ascension on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The chapel has been a popular destination for pilgrims since ancient times.
Old Lime Kilns
Lime was kilned in Gransdorf up until the middle of the last century. The two ovens can be viewed and a plaque explains the long tradition of lime kilning.

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4. Picturesque Kylltal (Kyll Valley)

The Kyll Valley environment, with its attractive landscape and interesting wealth of natural history, is a genuine Mecca for those interested in art history. The Kyll Valley's new red sandstone deposits have been the driving engine behind an extensive stone and rock industry for centuries. Stone sculptors have created artistic works for churches and domes both domestically and throughout the world. And even today, over one hundred stone crosses that are centuries-old bear witness to the craftsmen's talents. From its origin on the Belgian border to the mouth of the Moselle River near Trier, the 142 km long Kyll Tributary ascends an incline of 540 meters. Over the course of millions of years, the Kyll has meandered and burrowed deep into the hard sandstone. The Kyll, clean and bountiful in fish, is the Eifel's main body of water, inviting visitors to enjoy long hikes and rich fishing.

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5. Tips for Day Excursions

The Kyllburger Waldeifel is centrally located and gives you many opportunities for interesting day excursions. Here are some suggestions:

The oldest city in Germany is best suited for a day excursion. Many Museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the cathedral are a must for anyone who really cares about German history.
Eifelpark Gondorf
In Germany's most popular adventure and nature park you will experience very close bears, lynx, ibexes, marmots and other wildlife species. The amusement park offers a wide variety of attractions. Everything in the park is tailored to families' needs.
This city in the neighbouring country of Luxembourg has a beautiful historic market square. Museums, the Basilica of the tomb of St. Willibrord–and shops open for business on Sundays–invite you for a visit.
Here you can watch the volcanic history of the Eifel. In Wallenborn is Germany's only active geyser. Every 35 minutes, a water fountain–which is shot in the air by accumulating carbonic acid gases–can be observed.
Wildpark Daun
Experience and touch the native fauna in a unique way. In the game park you can view very close wild pigs, deer, and other animals.
Teufelsschlucht (Devil's Gorge)
In the forest nearby the village of Ernzen you will find a bizarre rock formation. The rocks of the Teufelsschlucht (Devil's Gorge) climb up to 20 metres into the air. A narrow gorge leads you right through the majestic rocks. A dense network of hiking trails in the midst of the local forest areas leads you through a stunning scenery. The visitor centre includes a museum and bistro.

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6. Leisure Activities

The holiday district Kyllburger Waldeifel has a variety of leisure activities on offer. Here is a small selection for you:

In Burbach you will find the ‘Golfanlage Lietzenhof’ with a public 6-hole golf course. The golf club has a professional golf school that offers a variety of lessons.
The Kyll, clean and bountiful in fish, is the Eifel's main body of water, inviting visitors to enjoy rich fishing. The tourist information will be happy to assist you getting a fishing permit.
The holiday district Kyllburger Waldeifel has over 360 km of marked hiking trails. Numerous picnic areas invite ramblers to take a break and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.
The Kyll is navigable for canoes, kayaks and rubber dinghies from Gerolstein to the mouth of the Moselle River near Trier.
Enjoy the picturesque landscape of the ‘Kylltalradweg’ (Kyll Valley Cycle Route) along the Kyll Tributary, a quaint creek branching off from the Moselle River.
Freizeitbad Kyllburg (Swimming Pool)
The swimming pool is located on the outskirts of the city Kyllburg, on the banks of the Kyll. It has a children's pool, water slide with a length of 57 metres, and children's playground.

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7. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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8. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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9. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

9.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Kyllburg
(76 km distance / 1:07 hours driving time) » get directions

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9.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Kyllburg. However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Kyllburg

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