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True Gem of Medieval Townscape

Meisenheim am Glan is a place of picturesque impressions from the annals of history. Its medieval townscape makes Meisenheim a true gem and insider secret. With its harmonious city architecture, it is truly one of Germany’s most rewarding ‘undiscovered’ small towns. Old timber-frame houses, majestic royal courtyards, historic town squares and alleyways or Meisenheim’s most imposing landmark, the late Gothic ‘Schlosskirche’ church, sweep visitors up and off to an earlier era. Cosy guesthouses, cafés and restaurants allow visitors to relax and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this medieval town. With its idyllic location on the banks of the Glan River, Meisenheim is a popular excursion destination that invites you to explore the picturesque Glan Valley on a handcar journey, a bicycle tour, a hike or a canoe tour on the Glan.

1. Location of Meisenheim in Germany

The town of Meisenheim is located in the Nahe holiday region, approximately 62 km to the southeast of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Nahe is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. This is a landscape full of poetry and colour, dotted with old towns and villages full of history. The region's highlight is undoubtedly the German Gemstone Route, together with the gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein and the German Museum of Precious Stones. The region is also known for its three spa resorts that are located in the Nahe wine-growing area. ... read more about the Nahe holiday region

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2. Beauty of Meisenheim

View on Meisenheim from the Glan River
View on Meisenheim
from the Glan River

Meisenheim has retained an astonishing amount of what it has made of itself over the centuries. It is the only former Rhineland-Palatinate city that has been spared all of the catastrophes of the region’s turbulent history. Meisenheim was likely founded in the 7th Century. Its ‘Golden Age’ began in the 15th Century as the Wittelsbach name assumed the inheritance of the Veldenz district. The town’s first heyday held firm until the start of the Thirty Years’ War, while it enjoyed its second boom phase until the French Revolution. This time witnessed the emergence of the castle and the magnificent late Gothic ‘Schlosskirche’, with the Wittelsbach sepulchral chapel. In its interior, it houses many precious artefacts. Meisenheim has retained its typical characteristics as a medieval town: romantic alleyways with quaint timber-frame houses, surrounded by a well-preserved city wall featuring an ominous city gate, its historic ‘Rathaus’ (‘City Hall’), noble royal courtyards and many proud ancient townhouses.

Medieval Townscape of Meisenheim
Medieval Townscape of Meisenheim

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3. Points of Interest

Schlosskirche Meisenheim
The Schlosskirche church is surely Meisenheim’s most important structure from an art history perspective. From its location on a hill, it towers over the Meisenheim townscape and is the city’s principal landmark. The church’s architecture and late Gothic interior design and furnishings are a ‘must-see’. As one of the most important structures from the late Gothic epoch, the church is significant as one of the Rhineland-Palatinate region’s most important landmarks. » show on google maps
Historic ‘Old Quarter’
Klenkertor Meisenheim
It is advisable to take one of the city tours offered on a regular basis. Experienced tour guides accompany guests on a journey of discovery through Meisenheim, telling the story of this late Gothic town’s many landmarks. There is much to learn about the city’s history, exploring its romantic alleyways lined with picturesque timber-frame houses, its royal courtyards and its well-preserved city wall and ominous city gate. Tours are also available in English. » show on google maps
A Boat Journey to the Gates of the City
Boat Journey at Meisenheim am Glan
A roughly 3-km stretch of the Glan River, lined on the banks by high trees, offers the opportunity for a unique boat journey. Boat rental facilities in Meisenheim offer rowboats and pedal boats. And boat tours on the Glan in the springtime and early summer are very popular among canoeists. » show on google maps
Cafés and Restaurants
Cafes on the Rapportierplatz
Guesthouses, cafés and restaurants characterise the rustic atmosphere of Meisenheim and ensure all your culinary needs are met. The day can begin happily with a wine tasting session at Meisenheim’s local winegrower, or finish cheerily in one of its beer gardens. Local family-run B&Bs and hospitable hotels offer comfortable accommodation for visitors to rest.
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
The heated outdoor public swimming pool also features a spacious sunbathing lawn where visitors can stretch out, as well as ping-pong tables and a mini golf course for more sporty relaxation. » show on google maps
Historic Villages
View on Meisenheim
Hike the local hilly trails, take a stroll along shaded forest paths or cycle through the surrounding villages and neighbouring communities: The historic villages in the surrounding area offer a wealth of romantic nooks and crannies along with beautiful old churches as testaments to long-forgotten eras, such as the Roman Monument in Schweinschied, likely the tomb of a Roman nobleman.

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4. Nature.Fitness.Park

Nordic Walking in the Nature.Fitness.Park
Nordic Walking in the Nature.Fitness.Park

For the Nordic Walking fans among you, Meisenheim’s Nature.Fitness.Park offers six different routes, each of a different level of difficulty. Meisenheim’s Nature.Fitness.Park has just the right course for you, whether you’re a competitive athlete or just getting started back up with fitness activities, an amateur athlete or simply a tourist. The mutual starting and finishing points feature Information Boards with details of the various routes and a profile of the hills along its way, as well as tips for warm-up exercises. Additional exercise boards are also posted along the way with corresponding information about the specific routes.

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5. Glan-Blies Cycling Trail

Glan-Blies Radweg (Cycle Trail)
Glan-Blies Radweg (Cycle Trail)

The Glan-Blies Cycling Trail runs through Meisenheim, stretching 130 km from the Lorraine Franconia district’s Saargemünd to Staudernheim on the Nahe River. The trail’s proximity to the rivers Glan and Blies not only ensures that the trail is level, but also offers a backdrop of unique and very diverse landscapes. Long stretches run along disused rail lines or along the handcar line, far removed from street traffic, making the trail ideal for family outings with children. The Glan-Blies Cycling Trail also provides a wonderful experience of river country. Along with river landscapes through forests and vineyards, it also leads cyclists through picturesque villages and virtually undisturbed natural settings. Bicycles can be rented from the rental facility in Meisenheim. Tips and maps for bike tours are available from the Tourist Information office in Meisenheim.

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6. Canoe Tours through the Glan Valley

Canoe Tour through the Glan Valley
Canoe Tour through the Glan Valley

Meisenheim is situated on the Glan River, a calmly flowing canoe tour river, ideal for beginners and families. Broad stretches of the banks of the Glan are lush with trees, allowing paddle boaters to explore the Glan Valley landscape as it at times resembles a primeval forest. The quaint townships along the way provide a view of the idyllic rear courtyards and lovingly tended gardens. Beyond Meisenheim, the Glan Valley and vineyards line the riverbanks up to the nearby estuary of the Glan into the Nahe River. Approximately 20 km of the river can be travelled by boat. A boat rental facility in Meisenheim has canoes at the ready and will organise your boat transfer and return transport back to Meisenheim. And in addition, canoe tours of one day or several days are also on offer.

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7. ‘Draisinentour’ (Handcar Journey)

Draisinentour in the Glan Valley
Draisinentour in the Glan Valley

A highlight of the leisure activities in the region is a ‘Draisinentour’ (‘handcar journey’) through the picturesque Glan Valley. The ‘Draisine’ (‘handcar’) is like a bicycle on four wheels that runs on railway tracks. A closed down railway track takes you from Altenglan to Staudernheim on the Nahe River. The handcar line has a total length of 40 kilometres and leads through the historic villages in the surrounding area. Almost every two kilometres are fixed stops where the handcar can be taken off the track and you can have a break or explore the surrounding sights. Along the route there is a variety of restaurants and beer gardens. At the end of your journey public buses will give you a ride back.

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8. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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9. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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10. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

10.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Meisenheim
(62 km distance / 1:07 hours driving time) » get directions

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10.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Meisenheim. However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Meisenheim

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Coat of Arms Meisenheim County

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