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Wine & Holiday Region on the Moselle

The ‘Wine and Holiday Region Mittelmosel-Kondelwald’ consist of several wine-growing and holiday villages located in the Moselle region. The towns are able to look back on a long history. For 12 centuries the wine-growing village of Kröv was the centre point of a throng of villages, all independent of the ‘Cröver Reich’ (752 – 1790). The course of the river Moselle meandering through the charming vine-covered valley forms the south-eastern boundary of the former ‘Cröver Reich’, known today as the ‘Wine and Holiday Region Mittelmosel-Kondelwald’. The popular Middle Moselle winegrowing region is the home of the treasured Riesling wines of world renown.

1. Location of Mittelmosel-Kondelwald in Germany

The ‘Wine & Holiday Region Mittelmosel-Kondelwald’ is located in the Moselle-Saar holiday region, approximately 26 km to the northwest of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Moselle-Saar is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. Of the Rhine's tributaries, the Moselle is considered the loveliest. Idyllic wine villages perched on steep, vine-clad slopes, and romantic little towns with a medieval feel, such as Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, lend the Moselle valley its unique character. Trier, over 2,000 years old, is the oldest town in Germany and its stone relics dating back to Roman times have now been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Come and discover for yourself the jovial hospitality of local Moselle people — and don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious glass of that famous local Riesling. ... read more about the Moselle-Saar holiday region

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2. Monuments of the ‘Cröver Reich’

Beautiful, stylish timbered houses, lovingly restored by their owners, magnificent churches and monasteries and much, much more from the time of the Cröver Reich serve as visible witnesses of a thoroughly rich history and give the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald region its distinctive character. Here you will find architecture and history that has been preserved. Viniculture and wine trade have been second nature to the Cröver Reich’s residents for generations. Get to know the land and the people. Join in on the one-of-a-kind wine, folklore and traditional attire celebrations.

The landscape here is like a ‘vine-enclosed amphitheatre’ — this is the description provided by the Roman poet Ausonius in 350 A.D. of the course that the Moselle River takes in its broad twists through this region, whose landscape is renowned worldwide thanks to is hearty, refreshing Riesling wines. The foreland of the untamed ‘Vulkaneifel’ (Volcanic Eifel) is occupied by the Kondel Forest or ‘Kondelwald’, featuring broad expanses of forestland and a wealth of wildlife. Known locally as the ‘green lung’ of the Central Moselle region, it invites you to spend vacation time hiking and relaxing in its revitalizing atmosphere.

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3. Romantic Wine Villages on the Moselle

The roots of viniculture on the Moselle reach back 2,000 years to the time of the Romans. With a favourable climate and shale-based soil, the noble Riesling grape, King of the wine grapes, has reigned here throughout, producing its well-known classic, fruity wine. Visitors must not forget to taste the wines from the well-known vineyards in the wine-growing villages of Kinheim, Kröv-Kövenig, and Reil.

Located in the wide bend of the Moselle between Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel, is the wine-growing village of Kinheim with its community Kindel. Kinheim-Kindel is a ‘state recognised holiday resort’. Stretched full-length, the wine-growing village nestles against the steep vine-covered slopes of the Moselle.
Kröv is the hospitable wine-growing village located in that part of the Moselle course with the most bends, surrounded by slopes covered in vines. Kröv is an important wine-growing community. The popular Kröver wine, the ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’, has made the village known far beyond the German borders.
As you walk through the narrow lanes of this romantic wine-village, you feel that it’s a village for looking around, living in and falling in love with. Here, you meet up with the present and the past at the same time, and as the saying goes, you’re ‘right in the midst of things’ in a village surrounded by woods, water and steep vineyards.

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4. Idyllic Villages in the Kondel Forest

The extensive holiday resort Bausendorf, together with the village of Olkenbach lie protected at the foot of the large Kondel Forest in the lower Alf valley. Peaceful forests extending down to the Moselle and exposing the romantic Moselle scenery to your view, alternate with attractive grassy valleys. Ramblers have plenty of opportunity to explore this charming countryside along signposted paths.
At the exit of the ‘Wittlicher Senke’, between the Moselle hills in the south and the Eifel hills in the north, you will find Bengel, the ‘state recognised holiday resort’ together with its villages of Springiersbach and Neithof, which stretch along both banks of the Alf stream. Attractive hiking paths through the bordering Kondel Forest, rich in game, (2,500 ha) invite the guest to embark on long, relaxing walks, e.g. to the Federal spa town of Bad Bertrich and to the wine-growing villages along the Moselle such as Kinheim, Kröv and Reil.
Amongst the cultural sites of the Moselle-Eifel-Hunsrück area which are worth a visit, is the convent church of Springiersbach together with its Carmelite convent. The concerts of the music circle Springiersbach are especially popular. Monthly concerts in the church and late Romanesque capital hall featuring well-known soloists and orchestras provide absolute musical highlights.
The hamlet is set in the middle of a stream valley, surrounded by woods and meadows. Diefenbach is an ideal starting point for long walks through the Alfbach valley and to the heights of the southern volcanic Eifel and the Kondel Forest.
The village of Flußbach lies embedded in a side-arm of the ‘Wittlicher Senke’, at the edge of the south Eifel and is of rural structure.
The rural community of Hontheim and the villages Wispelt, Krinkhof and Bonsbeuren, enclosed by the streams Üß and Alf, are situated on a 420 m high plateau in the southern volcanic Eifel. An extensive natural landscape, alternating between open spaces and wooded areas, to the south framed by the Kondel Forest with its copious woods and game, to the north and the west by the romantic valleys of the streams Üß and Alf, in the northwest it becomes part of the unspoilt volcanic Eifel with its lakes.
Kinderbeuern-Hetzhof is an up-and-coming residential village situated in the centre of the Alf valley. From here, there are numerous opportunities for extensive walks through the Kondel Forest or along the heights of the Moselle hills.
The small village of Willwerscheid with its rural structure is the ideal starting-point for hikes to the South Eifel and is situated amidst pastures, fields and woods.

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5. Leisure Activities

It would be a pity only to admire the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald vineyard and holiday region from afar; get to know it up-close. The days are long gone in which free-time athletes and water sport enthusiasts were restricted to enjoying their sporting passions only at lakes and seas. Today’s Moselle offers everything that the active vacationer could seek, both on land and on the water. So if your holiday plans include staying in shape, then you will find precisely the ‘delicacy’ you are looking among the smorgasbord of sporting and leisure opportunities available in the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald vineyard and vacationing region.

Why not take a trip on one of the boats along the Moselle or in a modern coach to destinations nearby? You could also walk along well-signposted hiking paths, cycle along specially designated routes beside the Moselle or through the Alf valley. Art lovers find excavations, well-known churches, interesting buildings, half-timbered houses, wine-growing estates and monuments.

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6. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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7. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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8. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

8.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Kröv (Mittelmosel-Kondelwald)
(26 km distance / 33 minutes driving time) » get directions

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8.2 By Rail and Bus Services

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has no direct railway or bus connection to Kröv (Mittelmosel-Kondelwald). However, the buses from the airport will take you to railway stations where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links.

Weblink: Deutsche Bahn — show integrated Rail and Bus Services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Kröv

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