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The Hunsrück Holiday Region
Forest & Hiking Paradise

The Hunsrück holiday region is one of Germany's most richly forested areas. Surrounded by the river scenery of the Rhine, the Moselle, the Saar and the Nahe, it is criss-crossed by an extensive network of trails where walkers follow in the footsteps of the Celts and the Romans. There are also quaint little country towns, castles and old mills to visit.

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is located in the middle of the Hunsrück region. Buses run from the airport to the region's towns of Emmelshausen, Kastellaun, Morbach, and Simmern.

1. Family Holidays in a Natural Paradise

Holiday on a Farm
Holiday on a Farm

Now and again Hunsrück's nature is somewhat rough. Yet natural beauty comes from inside. And Hunsrück is naturally beautiful. As nature parks are only created where the landscape preserves its distinctive character, the Hunsrück has even two. One of the largest in Germany (Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park) and one of the youngest (Soonwald-Nahe Nature Park). Back to nature family holidays are full of adventureous experiences. City children will discover another world when they visit the Hunsrück. ‘Holiday on a farm’ makes children's hearts beat faster. Clean out the the stables or milk cows are included, of course.

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2. Closely Networked Hiking Trails

Attractive Hiking Trails
Attractive Hiking Trails

In the Hunsrück your feet will begin to live. You best get to know the region at your own pace: richly varied scenery, enticingly untouched. By foot you ramble through lusciously green Hunsrück forest on many attractive hiking trails. Expansive meadows to the left and right, expansive views from up above into nowhere. Rambling in the Hunsrück, is always a journey back in time, too. Ramble through bizarre gorges and deep valleys, formed over millions of years. Down, through Ehrbachklamm (flume), Baybachtal, Dhrontal and Ruwertal (valleys)! Follow the Roman and Celtic tracks. Come on, via Ausonius Hiking Trail and Celtic Hiking Path! Experience Hunsrück history up close and natural beauty as well. Resting places, working mills and cosy inns await you.

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3. Long-Distance Cycle Routes

Mountain Biking at Kell am See
Mountain Biking at Kell am See

If a child of the Hunsrück — Baron Drais von Sauerbronn — had not invented the first steerable wheel in 1817, what would the Hunsrück be without its numerous cycling paths, waiting to be discovered? Sporty and ambitious, family-friendly and easygoing or challenging and racy they offer something for everyone. Leisure cyclists and inline skaters stroll along the Schinderhannes clycle path, along a former railway line. Mountain bikers look for their optimum route in Hochwald. And those who cycle between? They get to know the Hunsrück like it is. Sometimes a bit demanding, but then back to being placatingly gentle. And while some prefer a metal steed, others prefer the living one. ‘Hunsrück zu Pferd (by horse)’ attracts many riders on horseback to the region.

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4. Fairy Tales and Legends

Ruins Castle Baldenau
Ruins Castle Baldenau

Name an important historical epoch and you will find a sight of the Hunsrück witness of the same time — guaranteed. Romans? They were here. Proof: Roman road right across the Hunsrück — today's Ausonius Hiking Trail. Of course Archäologiepark Belginum (Archaelogical Park) near Morbach-Wederath. Settlement with its own cemetery. Middle Ages? Powerful. The Hunsrücks romantic castle ruins love to tell their turbulent past. Burg Grimburg castle, Baldenau moated castle ruins, Kastellaun castle ruins or the Ehrenburg castle remind us that live was not always as quiet around here as its sounds today. More Hunsrück history wanted? Simply watch the ‘Heimat’ film series of Edgar Reitz. A review of German history from the end of the 1st World War up until the new millennium. And where does it mostly take place? Here of course!

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5. Culinary Delights of the Hunsrück

Hunsrücker Kartoffelpfanne (Potato Pan)
Hunsrücker Kartoffelpfanne
(Potato Pan)

The potato, much-loved here, is honoured by the true culinary diversity created with it in the regions' pots and pans. In October, after the harvest, the Hunsrück region even woos the potato in a large number of restaurants during the ‘Hochwälder Kartoffeltage’ (Hochwälder potato days), often with the renowned game specialities. The holiday region also has good wines to offer as geographically, the Hunsrück begins in the Ruwer valley, which is part of the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine-growing region. Hospitality is our highest priority. Which is why we prepare our cuisine for gourmets too. It's hardly surprising that testers and gourmets award many a top restaurant in the region stars.

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6. Travel Guides to Hunsrück Destinations

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In the Rhine-Moselle-Triangle
Read the Emmelshausen Travel Guide
Emmelshausen is only a few kilometres from the Rhine River and Moselle River, but the route to the rivers is quite spectacular. Narrow paths, steep rocks and deep ravines through the ‘Ehrbach Gorge’ and the ‘Baybach Valley’ lead to the Moselle, while the ‘Rheinhöhenweg’ or the ‘Gründelbachtal’ lead to the romantic Rhine Valley. And as if this stunning scenery were not enticing enough by itself, the romantic landscape is dotted with old mills and magnificent fortified castles. ... read more in the Emmelshausen Travel Guide
Tradition & Modern Airplanes
Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
Hermeskeil is characterized by a countryside of timber forest, valleys and lakes. The surrounding natural landscape invites the visitor to go for a stroll to discover a country with romantic charm and original aura. Incidentally you will breathe the freshest air in the country while pursuing your leisure occupation. ... read more in the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstraße
The Slate and Castle Route
Read the Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route Travel Guide
The Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstrasse is a historical route in the ‘Nahe-Hunsrück’ area. Although more or less hidden and almost invisible at first sight, the tourist route leads through a region characterised by slate and fortresses. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the Rhineland-Palatinate. Many features that make this holiday region so quaint and unique do not impose themselves on the visitor but must be discovered. Visitors exploring the region will find many remnants of historical and geological interest. There are numerous castles, churches, fortresses and manor houses along the road that reflect the culture of the regions ancestors and thus create a direct link between the history and geology of the area. ... read more in the Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstrasse (Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route) Travel Guide
Above the Rhine & Moselle River
Read the Kastellaun Travel Guide
Kastellaun is a lively centre in the northwest of the Hunsrück — just a stone's throw from the Rhine and Moselle River. The townscape of Kastellaun's old town is characterized by slate, rough broken stones and half-timbered houses. Landmark is the ruin of castle Sponheim towering above the town. Frequently the castle serves as stage for a variety of open-air theatre and festivals. ... read more in the Kastellaun Travel Guide
Kell am See
Beautiful Lakes & Timberland
Read the Kell am See Travel Guide
Kell am See and its ‘Hochwald’ (‘timberland’) holiday region offers numerous sights and places of excursions in the Hunsrück. You are guaranteed to have many thrilling vacation days. Explore relics and historical buildings from the Celts and Roman time. Discover the beauty of the Nature Park Saar-Hunsrück, one of the largest and most beautiful nature parks in Germany. Or enjoy the many leisure facilities at lake ‘Kell’ and lake ‘Schillinger See’. ... read more in the Kell am See Travel Guide
The Centre of the Hunsrück
Read the Morbach Travel Guide
Morbach is the centre of the Hunsrück. This is Napoleon's fault. Straight through the Hunsrück he had a road built that led from Birkenfeld to Bernkastel-Kues on the Moselle River. The road crosses precisely at Morbach with the ‘Hunsrückhöhenstrasse’ from Trier to Koblenz. The result: the small town of Morbach became the centre of the Hunsrück — and the ideal starting point for a multitude of excursions. A trip to Morbach is also a trip into the history of the Hunsrück. Numerous historical monuments bring to mind the ever-changing fate of the region. Among the sights are unique archaeological ensembles from Celtic-Roman times, medieval and baroque ages. ... read more in the Morbach Travel Guide
The German ‘Robin Hood’
Read the Simmern Travel Guide
The ‘Schinderhannes Tower’ is the landmark of Simmern. More than 200 years ago the notorious outlaw ‘Johannes Bückler’ was kept imprisoned here. After his stunning escape from the tower he became known as the ‘German Robin Hood’. Today the history of Germany's most famous outlaw is still alive in the Schinderhannes museum and picturesque Hunsrück landscape. The sights around Simmern invite for a stroll through history. Ideally located between the Moselle River, Rhine River, and Nahe River, the country around Simmern is full of historic monuments. This charming town and its surrounding municipalities offers activities for every age group. Whether it is art, historic monuments, nature, or leisure activities. ... read more in the Simmern Travel Guide
Thalfang am Erbeskopf
Low Mountains & Winter Sports
Read the Thalfang am Erbeskopf Travel Guide
The holiday region of Thalfang am Erbeskopf is located in the Hunsrück low mountain range between the Mosel, Nahe and Saar Rivers. With its picturesque locations and important historical monuments, it counts among Germany’s most beautiful mountain range landscapes. The distinctive preservation of customs and tradition in its surrounding areas makes the region genuinely appealing. The landscape around Thalfang is the ideal space for active rejuvenation for young and old. In Winter it is a famous holiday destination because of its close proximity to the Erbeskopf Winter Sports Area. ... read more in the Thalfang am Erbeskopf Travel Guide
Eltz Castle & Pyrmont Castle
Read the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
The wine and holiday region of Treis-Karden is situated between Cochem and Koblenz on the Moselle River. Its landscape stretches across three different holiday areas (the Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Moselle) with a variety of scenery just waiting to be discovered. Treis-Karden and its 17 communities offer many outdoor activities for it's visitors. A stroll through the vineyards, a day at picture book castles of Burg Eltz and Burg Pyrmont, a river cruise along the scenic river banks of the Moselle, or a hike in the highlands of the Hunsrück and the Eifel. ... read more in the Treis-Karden Travel Guide

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7. Points of Interest

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Video: Pictorial Journey through the Hunsrück Holiday Region

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If you would like to know the location of a point of interest you have seen in the video above, please take a look at the list below.

The link ‘show on google maps’ will show you the location of the sight on a map. Click on the link to go to the Google Maps Website, where you can get directions from any location you enter.
Archäologiepark Belginum
Archäologiepark Belginum in Morbach — Read the Morbach Travel Guide
The museum uses the latest technology to present the history of settlement on the Belginum plateau. The unique archaeological ensemble comprises the ‘Hochgerichtsheide’ Celtic-Roman burial ground at Wederath, the Roman-era ‘Belginum’ settlement and the early Roman camp. » show on google maps
Castle Waldeck in the Baybachtal — Read the Kastellaun Travel Guide
The path through the Baybach valley is varied — some sections are along flat riverbanks, others past steep walls of rock. High above the valley are Waldeck Castle and Fortress. » show on google maps
Burg- und Hexenmuseum
Castle Grimburg Museum — Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
Now partially reconstructed, the castle was built around 1190 as the country seat of the archbishops of Trier. The Castle and Witches Museum in Grimburg traces the history of the castle and the witch trials that were held there. » show on google maps
Burgruine Kastellaun
Burg Kastellaun — Read the Kastellaun Travel Guide
Drama festivals are staged in the castle ruins in the heart of the restored old quarter. The main castle building is being restored as a ‘gateway to history’ due to open in early 2007. » show on google maps
Burgruine Koppenstein
Burg Koppenstein in Gemünden — Read the Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route Travel Guide
The remains of this 12th-century castle sit majestically on a rocky hilltop in the Soon Forest. The pentagonal keep offers fantastic views out across the Hunsrück. » show on google maps
Deutsches Telefonmuseum
Interactive museum with the most comprehensive collection of telephone, telegraph and telephone exchange technology in Germany. All the equipment is connected and in working order. » show on google maps
Ehrbachklamm with Ehrenburg near Brodenbach — Read the Emmelshausen Travel Guide
One of the most beautiful and most spectacular walks in the Hunsrück leads through the Ehrbach gorge. Four mills above the gorge offer a welcome break and refreshments. » show on google maps
Hunsrückhaus at the Erbeskopf — Read the Thalfang am Erbeskopf Travel Guide
At over 800 metres, Mount Erbeskopf is the highest peak in Rhineland-Palatinate — popular walking country with a summer toboggan run and a skiing area assured of snow. Hunsrück exhibition in the Hunsrückhaus in the valley. » show on google maps
Museum ‘Mensch und Landschaft’
Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück — Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
The museum takes visitors on an unusual, multimedia journey through the natural and cultural history of the fascinating Saar-Hunsrück nature reserve. » show on google maps
Flugausstellung Junior
Flugausstellung Junior in Hermeskeil — Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
Hermeskeil has Europe's largest private exhibition of aircraft — over 100 aeroplanes and helicopters illustrating the history of air travel. It even has a café/bistro in a Concorde. » show on google maps
Hochwaldmuseum in Hermeskeil — Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
The Hochwald Museum uses audio clips and visual effects to create a realistic presentation of the history of the Hochwald region and its people. » show on google maps
Hochwildschutzpark in Rheinböllen
See lots of animals that have plenty of freedom to roam. Search for bison tracks and visit the open-air bear cub enclosure — a very special attraction. » show on google maps
Hunsrückdom in Ravengiersburg — Read the Simmern Travel Guide
Ravengiersburg Abbey is known as the ‘Hunsrück cathedral’, thanks to its Romanesque twin-tower façade. The ‘cathedral’ interior with its high altar and magnificent organ is also well worth seeing. » show on google maps
Hunsrücker Holzmuseum
Hunsrücker Holzmuseum in Morbach-Weiperath — Read the Morbach Travel Guide
This exhibition on the theme of wood looks at how trees are transformed into wooden objects and also the role of wood in people's lives. Morbach sculpture and wood carving studio, museum café. » show on google maps
Kartbahn am Flughafen Hahn
Kartbahn Flughafen Hahn
There is a fabulous outdoor go-kart track at Hahn airport. Hire a go-kart and whizz round one of the longest go-kart tracks in Germany. » show on google maps
Keller See
Keller See in Kell am See — Read the Kell am See Travel Guide
This 15-hectare reservoir near Kell is a paradise for anglers, windsurfers and sailors. Miniature golf in the holiday park beside the reservoir. » show on google maps
Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück
Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück — Read the Hermeskeil Travel Guide
The delightful natural and cultivated landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück nature reserve ranges from the Hunsrück hills to the sunny vineyards of the Moselle, Saar, Ruwer and Nahe valleys. Nature reserve information centre in Hermeskeil. » show on google maps
Römerturm an der Ausoniusstraße
Römerturm Ausoniusstraße near Dill
Reconstruction of a watchtower typical of the Limes, the fortified Roman wall. Beautiful panoramic views. » show on google maps
Schinderhannesturm in Simmern — Read the Simmern Travel Guide
In 1799 the notorious gang leader Schinderhannes performed an ‘impossible’ feat by escaping from the tower. There is an exhibition about the famous robber at this historical site. » show on google maps
Schloss mit Hunsrück-Museum
Hunsrückmuseum in Simmern — Read the Simmern Travel Guide
Since 1930 the New Palace in Simmern — built in classical style with wings on both sides — has been home to the five sections of the Hunsrück Museum. » show on google maps
Wasserburgruine Baldenau
Burg Baldenau in Morbach — Read the Morbach Travel Guide
The castle ruin is — or rather was — the only moated castle in the Hunsrück. It is an idyllic location that has been used as a film set for ‘Schinderhannes’ with Curd Jürgens and ‘Heimat’ by Edgar Reitz. » show on google maps

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8. Events Finder

The Hunsrück gives you the chance to leave your everyday life behind you. Hunsrück culture, means take a break, take a look, have a listen. The holiday regions offers: a colourful medley of farmers' markets and fairs, traditional village, city and homeland festivals. ‘High class’ culture at music events, cabarets or theatres in magnificent venues or on open air stages await you.

Those who would rather look than listen is warmly invited to visit one of the regions' informative museums or exhibitions. How about one of Europe's largest private aviation exhibitions in Hermeskeil? The world's largest collection of German telephones in the Deutsche Telefonmuseum (German Telephone Museum) in Morbach? Or simply take a look inside the Hunsrück-Museum in Simmern, which impressively show you how multifaceted the holiday region is.

Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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9. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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10. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

10.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Morbach
(22 km distance / 23 minutes driving time) » get directions

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10.2 By Bus

Buses run from the airport to the region's towns of Emmelshausen, Kastellaun, Morbach, and Simmern.

Bus routes and timetables:

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